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Affordable menswear, handmade @ This page will be where I post inspirations for menswear, my mind's cork-board if you will....and sometimes pics of women, amazing apartments/houses and autos because well, this is a gentleman's blog. ----------------------

Michael Kors matte black watch - I don't wear jewelry, but I will probably need a watch once I become an RT! Hope they still have this one by then lol.

Sir Jack's

So I love the whole 'girls dressed as boys' thing, but some of this stuff just will never be useful enough to me to be able to justify buying it. D:

DIY shave cream oil: sweet almond oil, castor oil & extra virgin oil w/drop or 2 of lavender essential oil - real thing: ½ oz calendula petals, chopped up finely, ½ oz yarrow flowers, chopped up finely, 10 oz grapeseed oil (use olive, avocado or coconut oil) melt in hands go 2 blog 4 instructions: Orange aftershave: ⅛C coconut oil, ⅔C softened shea butter, 2-3 drops of orange essential oil - more 4 stronger scent

Transforming Metallic Mancessories

Fonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks - Possibly the coolest men's jewelry ever made. The cufflinks can be linked together to make a men's bracelet. But more impressively, and as the name vaguely alludes to, these cufflinks are made from melted-down

Sapatos e meias na moda masculina - Dicas de elegância por Luca Locci

Sapatos e meias na moda masculina Dicas de elegância por Luca Locci