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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Print 11x17 Famous Seniors by senioritis, $15.00

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Mozart’s sonatas were divided into two parts exactly at the Golden Mean point in almost all cases. Mozart’s sister had said that Amadeus was always playing with numbers and fascinated by mathematics, it appears that this was either a conscious choice or an intuitive one.

Mozart - The Piano Sonata No 16 in C major. This piece always makes me smile :) #Mozart

The best of mozart 100 Tracklist : 1 .- Allegro 02 - Adagio 03 - Rondo- Allegio 04 - Allegra Moderato 05 - Romanza- Andente 06 - Rondo- Allegro Vivace 07 - Allego Assia 08 - Andante

Mozart quote. The man had it right - he was a genius, after all. One of my favourite quotes by this extraordinary man.....

  • Alexandra

    Yes...mine, now, too....that you showed it to me ..., Milla

It's Mozart right where he belongs #piano #art

Mozarts’ piano, made in 1780 by Anton Walter,  Notice the colors of the keys is reversed.  This is how a piano keyboard was originally...

Mozart's fortepiano returns home to Vienna.

  • julia korn

    Superb details!!

  • Filipe Freitas

    That looks really small. Also looks a bit precarious in it's construction compared to modern great pianos.

mozart - I adore the way I feel about his's an anticipation that makes my heart sing knowing that I will have some time set aside to listen to his work....