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Dalmatian and Clydesdale...I love this picture of this gorgeous horse and the pretty Dalmatian sitting nest to one another. What an odd couple, but the beauty is there.

To all my followers: I'm sorry I'm pinning a lot of horse stuff . . . it's not a phase . . . and if you don't like horses, you can unfollow this board! XP

Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ commercial for Super Bowl wins America’s heart

Gypsy Vanner ....beautiful!!!Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples

Grizzly is the old fella in the herd. He is 18 hands tall and a heavy draft breed. He is very sweet and babysits for mares. He tells foals stories and loves them. He is very sweet and gentle. His son is Chester and his daughter is Chelsea

Name: Buddy I'm here to protect my love of my life spitfire, If you even dear get near her scar, all fight you, and all make sure you won't leave alive like you did last time and time again,

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