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What is the Black Soot on My Plant's Leaves?

Sooty mold is caused by insects.

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Homemade Garlic-Mint Garden Insect Spray

Homemade Garlic-Mint Natural Garden Insect Spray - An Oregon Cottage

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Stop Garden Pests

Leaf Miners Leaf miners make it look like someone took a white crayon and drew squiggly lines on your plant leaves. These little worms actually burrow tunnels through the leaf, causing the lines you see. In all but the worst cases, leaf miners don't cause much damage. Pluck off affected leaves and worry about more harmful pests.

Red Spider Mite: These pests are tiny, they are red in the winter see photo to the left, and green in the summer, they live on the underside of tomato leaves you can tell that their present as a fine silky webbing will have developed over the leaves and stems.

COMBAT BUGS: NEEM! Won't hurt the beneficial bugs! Neem Oil Amounts For Insect Spray = For 1 liter of a 0.5 % dilution of neem plant spray you need: 5 ml neem oil 1-2 ml organic castile soap (Dr. Bronners- I'd use baby unscented formula) 1 liter warm water To convert into US measurements: Five ml make a teaspoon. One litre is roughly a quart.

Our trees and plants endure a lot during the hot and dry summers, and the weather isn’t the only thing that affects the material in our landscape. We also have our fair share of insects that cause added stress on our trees and plants. One of the most common insects that can affect your plant material are caterpillars and three common ones are: Leaf Skeletonizer, Genista Caterpillar, Orange Dog Caterpillar.

This insect spray is economical and environmentally safe for indoors or in the garden. You can use it for soft bodied insects, such as aphids, and for little sugar ants.

In many areas of the country, spinach is a relatively pest-free plant. Unfortunately, mine is not one of them. We have Spinach Leaf Miners (Pegomya hyoscyami). Leaf miners are tiny (1/4”--6.5 mm) flies that lay their eggs on the undersides of spinach, chard, and beet leaves. The larvae hatch and burrow into the leaf, carving out tunnels and pockets the size of a quarter. The leaf cuticles protect them from parasitoid wasps and most garden insect predators.

Dengardenfrom Dengarden

What is the Black Soot on My Plant's Leaves?

Picture showing aphid colors. Aphids produce honeydew which feeds sooty mold.

Sooty mold is interesting due to it not being pathogenic to the host plant. It can be easily wiped off. They problem that occurs with this fungi is that it can become very dense blocking light, causing a stress on the host plant.

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How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in your Yard - Made Easy

This Hub will focus on an "integrated pest management" approach to getting rid of chipmunks from your yard and garden.

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Controlling Beetles Naturally

Chinese rose beetles and Japanese beetles can wreak havoc in a hurry. Here's one way to eliminate them from your garden.

Greenhouse Whitefly: This pest is probably the most widespread of all tomato pests.