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MIKE'S CITY DINER -- BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Cheap prices and enormous serving sizes. Try the freshly made French toast sprinkled with just the right amount of powdered sugar and a side of maple syrup and butter.

STRAWN'S EAT SHOP -- SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA. Who says you have to go to New Orleans for good food? In Shreveport, Strawn’s is serving up one of the best-tasting strawberry pies in the nation loaded with whipped cream. They also serve breakfast food essentials like strawberry waffles with a ton of maple syrup.

JOHN'S CITY DINER -- BIRMINGAM, ALABAMA. This diner brings classiness into the diner scene with its famous meatloaf, served with smashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. There is also an extensive drink menu featuring wine glasses with sassy sayings on them like “Get Some.”

KING'S CHEF DINER -- COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO. The outside of is a purple castle. On the inside, they are serving up their breakfast burrito, dubbed the “tastiest breakfast in Colorado” by Food Network Magazine.

BIG CITY DINER -- VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN HAWAII. As the slogan says, “There’s no finer diner than Big City Diner.” Unlike other greasy diners, they serve Kimchee fried rice with an egg on top, and have a lot of healthier meal options, such as their miso soup with tofu, their Kamiya papaya fresh fruit medley, and their vegetable platter.

BULLDOG RESTAURANT -- BALD KNOB, ARKANSAS. serves up pies better than any diner could, especially the coconut meringue. Big portion sizes and decadence are its specialties, but be sure to save room for their entire dessert menu if you visit.

WESTERN CAFE' -- BOZEMAN, MONTANA. You do not need to be a cowboy to enjoy some of the best parts of the West. Just ride on over to Western Cafe where they’re serving up hospitality and cinnamon rolls made fresh from the oven. If you want something more hearty, go for their biscuits with sausage gravy.

THE THREE COINS DINER -- TAMPA, FLORIDA. It is cheap but also makes delicious food, especially French toast and pancakes. This diner is a haven for college students because all-day-breakfast meets cheap food meets open-24-hours-a-day.