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Abraham Lincoln helped influence antislavery. Many people didn't support his idea, however some did. I feel that Abraham Lincoln started the wave, or was the first to speak out loud, of all race wanting equality.

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4 lessons we MUST teach our kids about racism

I vividly remember the first time I had a racist thought. I was a young kid at my Grandma’s house. She’s a woman of predominantly caucasian descent, but she had a Cherokee Great Grandmother and she has always felt a…

Mercy - newest Bethel Music album 'Have it All'. "He delights in showing mercy, and mercy triumphs over judgements". A beautiful reminder. He's good. Handwriting and photo by

We are all human and make mistakes. Continual punishment for mistakes that one truly feels remorse is an emotional death penalty. To forgive does not mean to allow that person to remain in your life if you so choose. It is making peace with your soul and allows the offender to actually learn from their mistakes.