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    Dibujo de neurona de Santiago Ramón y Cajal

    Ramon y Cajal neuron drawings

    MMMMM!!!! Neuroscience Meets Visual Art. Retinal nerves on doesn't get better than this!!!


    Ancient art: 'Two Pyramidals' shows cells which are a type of neuron found in the brain that integrate information received from their dendrites; he incorporates the Asian practice of Sumi-e, or ink wash painting, to paint the cells

    Neuroscience Art: Greg Dunn's Neurons Painted In Japanese Sumi-e Style

    Eric Sweet WATERCOLOR

    " Wader with Lotus" ecaustic on wood panel with paper and drawing :: by Andrea Benson

    Mathematical drawing of the sequence of life.


    john r. neill ((MOON MADE OF HONEY)) Honeymoon: The French form translates as "moon of honey" (lune de miel), as do the Spanish (luna de miel), and many, many other languages! The Welsh word for honeymoon is mis mêl, which means "honey month" (this also translates from other languages). Honey month, and moon of honey ... Makes me smile!

    il lee.

    stunningly beautiful forest

    Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci... orthogonal views of the skeleton (c 1510-11). (From the collection of Her Majesty the Queen). Can't imagine why I've always been partial to Maestro Leonardo's work.:-D

    but does it float

    Santiago Ramon y Cajal

    Neuron art.

    Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov

    Drawing of Leonardo. Same subject from multiple viewpoints with notes being close enough to touch the drawings.