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Old markers---watercolor paint

These are dried out water-based markers. Turn them into liquid watercolor paint. Fill a clean baby food jar with water, tie about six dry markers with a rubber band, and set them in the top of the jar. I let them sit over night and watercolor is made!

This. Is Genius.  Washable markers that are going dry can gain a new life when used as "spray paint"!

Classroom hack to make watercolor paints: take old markers with no caps and place them inside a clear spray bottle with water. Use this classroom hack to paint with your students.

"The Markers Don't Work!" | Reuse dried markers to make liquid water colors: Child Central Station

What Would You Do With It Wednesday..... Markers That Don't Work

"The Markers Don't Work!" Reuse dried-up markers for craft projects: Child Central Station

idea of making her own watercolors using old markers. Once you gather enough of the same color, simply soak markers in water until you get the desired color. You'll have to tinker with the water to marker ratio to get it the way you like it. When you're done just bottle the colored water up and you've got homemade waterc

What To Do With Your Old, Dried Out Markers — Artopotamus

From dried out marker to fresh new watercolor paint! Soak old markers in a cup of water overnight. The longer they sit the better. Then, presto: vibrant water color paint! You can experiment mixing various colors of markers.

Peinture glaçon

Fun summer ice cube crafts for kids - ice cube watercolor paint.Just remember that food coloring stains!

sharpie and solo cup stained glass

Aggieland Mommy: Summer Bucket List Part 2 Sharpie and Solo cup stained glass found here. Supplies needed: Sharpies, clear plastic cups, hole punch, string/ribbon.

How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo--this is larger than it looks it can house several children at the same time.

Igloos are cool. What kid hasn't wanted to build an igloo? You can easily build an milk jug igloo in your classroom with some planning, lots of milk jugs and hot glue. This could be a fun winter craft for the kids when it's too cold to go out.

Fix a dried out Sharpie or marker.  Use for any sharpie or marker. For a non-permanent marker follow the same directions below, replacing alcohol with water.  1. Pour rubbing alcohol into a small container.  2.  Dip the tip of your sharpie/marking tool into the rubbing alcohol. Hold submerged for a minute.  3. Put the cap back on to the sharpie and let it sit for 15 minutes.  4. This should restore your marker to full use again.

How to Fix a Dried Out Sharpie.most of the time, according to this website, it is the nib that is dried out, not the ink! Soak in alcohol.worth a try! Hate to throw away a good Sharpie. Wonder if this would work for paint pens too?

This is REALLY cool!!! All you have to do it get watercolor paper. Then sketch your drawing,outline your sketch in Elmer's glue then paint it with water colors! SO fun! by evangeline

Another glue/paint project-- with white glue & watercolors. Get watercolor paper. Then sketch your drawing,outline your sketch in Elmers glue then paint it with water colors.