Pacifier Thermometer! So clever!

Pacifier that gives the baby medicine as it sucks on it. Amazing! I will have to remember this one

Baby bath water thermometer

It's like a keurig for babies! This is amazing! ... Not that I need this but it's just cool!

Squirt Baby Food Dispenser. Genius!

The World's First Portable UV Pacifier Sterilizer | 19 Mind-Blowing Baby Shower Gifts For The 21st Century

Cute...I love the timer on it so clever.

the original baby helps baby learn to hold their bottle.....

Teething milk pacifier! Buy the pacifiers with the cover cap, use breast milk or formula and pour the milk into the cap, put the pacifier in the cap and stick in the freezer for a few hours. Once the milk is frozen run the pacifier under warm water for a few seconds and pull it out of the cap and you have a nice cooling teething pacifier for your baby!

Baby Pacifier Thermometer. Not that I have a baby or plan for one any time soon, but for future times :)

I can't even stand how adorable this is

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water! What a genius idea!


CPR on a Child and a Baby. Re-read every 3 months. Never hurts to know this, even if you don't have kids!

Where was this when my girls were babies. Baby Shower Gift Idea: Blooming Bath - $39.99

I need!!

Blooming Baby Bath $40

The Crying Baby Analyzer | 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

baby monitor for iphone

Wow, I wish I knew about this about 2 yrs ago!! This baby bottle holder is designed for little fingers and helps teach babies to self-feed