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Space Saving IKEA Hacks for Small Closets

Teeny tiny closet got you down? After you've winnowed your clothes down to the essentials with our Closet Cure (of course), check out these nine clever ways to use IKEA products to squeeze out a little extra storage in your closet.

Showcase your favorite photos with a unique and rustic twist. Your picture will be directly printed onto wood with a matte seal finish applied

Steadyrack+Wall+Mounted+Bike+Rack+Black.+The+Steadyrack+Bike+Rack+is+a+twist+on+an+old+problem,+how+to+easily+store+your+bike+and+take+up+as+little+room+as+possible. The+Steadyrack+attaches+to+your+wall+with+provided+hardware+and+your+bike+is+easily+stored+by+lifting+onto+it's+back+wheel+and+attached+to+holding+frame.+Once+bike+is+securely+held,+it+can+be+swiveled+to+one+side+to+take+up+minimum+space. Product+Features: Safe+and+easy+to+use No+heavy+lifting+required Stores+bikes+with+t...

Artist "Fixes" Broken Wooden Furniture With Modern Translucent Materials

Brazilian artist Tatiane Freitas blends classic and contemporary design for her My New Old Chair series. In a twist on kintsugi—a Japanese tradition where fractured pottery is repaired with gold—broken furniture is revitalized through the addition of acrylic resin. The resulting contemporary, yet vintage, pieces demonstrate a harmony of opposing forces. In fact, it's this push and pull that interests the artist. By harnessing the memory of what was, and adding to the empty space, she at…

nice Top 10 Beautiful Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials – Top Inspired by

Top 10 Beautiful Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials – Top Inspired

nice Top 10 Beautiful Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials – Top Inspired by

Awesome Products: Sleep Under the Stars with the Cosmos Bed

Joseph Joseph Twist™ 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk

Both. We have Ceramic pots, so that means no metal utensils. We've been wanting a whisk for cooking.

Another awesome couch and sectional design, this time with a pop of #color. Add these to any apartment for a unique touch and one-of-a-kind twist! Designs by Fritz Hansen