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This is totally awesome, this is my exact reaction to almost 90% of the student population at my school.

I'm not vindictive nor seek revenge. I just kick the mother fucker right outta my life. Problem solved. | Confession Ecard

Isn't this the truth! Oh, I didn't tell you? ... Must've been none of your damn business.

Yep! She probably has but o well. You got pissed when we didn't say anything about the grace situation. So obviously you need to fix something and obviously you coach the children to hate our family. I knew you would see my message (2 min after posting it). I'm irritated but look where they learn it from!

Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Hell, who am I kidding. I hope you fall down the fucking stairs too.

Funny Sports/Leagues Ecard: I wear an OSU shirt because I went to Oregon State. You wear a Ducks shirt because you went to Walmart.

I use sarcasm because some people find a smack in the mouth a tad offensive. - some ecards, sarcasm, smack, mouth, offensive