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      Infographic of Pavilion A, a patient-centered medical office building, on the new Silver Cross Hospital campus in New Lenox, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago. Since Pavilion A opened in December 2011, hospital outpatient volumes have increased 6.5%.

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    Infographic of Pavilion A, a patient-centered medical office building, on the new Silver Cross Hospital campus in New Lenox, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago. Since Pavilion A opened in December 2011, hospital outpatient volumes have increased 6.5%.

    Ruth Colby, Chief Strategy Officer at Silver Cross Hospital, discusses the objectives for developing the 182,000 SF Pavilion A, how the outpatient facility integrates with the new replacement hospital, and how NexCore Group helped the hospital team recruit new physicians to the campus and helped physicians customize their suites for improved efficiency.

    Paul Pawlak, CEO of Silver Cross Hospital, speaks at the Grand Opening event for Pavilion A.

    Geoffrey Tryon, Vice President of Operations at Silver Cross Hospital, discusses NexCore's ability to fast track the delivery of Pavilion A. The six-level, 182,000 SF building was constructed in 12 1/2 months in lieu of a 16-month duration, saving nearly 2 dollars per square foot in construction costs and significantly more in construction period interest.

    Geoffrey Tryon, Vice President of Operations, provides a tour of the new Silver Cross Hospital.

    Located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, the new 76-acre Silver Cross Hospital campus was completed in February 2012. The 600,000 SF hospital (left) features high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art design, and a hotel-like interior. NexCore Group’s 182,000 SF Pavilion A (right) connects to the hospital on three levels for patient and physician convenience.

    Silver Cross has been named one of the nation's 100 Top Hospitals by Thomson Reuters Healthcare for seven years in a row (something only four other hospitals in the country can claim). Because Silver Cross places great emphasis on patient satisfaction and customer service, its new 289-bed hospital was designed to look and feel like a hospitality center.

    All 289 patient rooms at Silver Cross Hospital are private and equipped with warm finishes, large windows, temperature controls, sleeper sofas, flat-screen TVs, and WiFi to enhance patient and visitor comfort and promote faster healing.

    Silver Cross hired NexCore Group to develop a medical services building that would integrate seamlessly with the hospital, attract new physicians to the campus, and house the hospital’s outpatient services in one convenient location. NexCore completed the building, christened Pavilion A, in December 2011.

    As hospitals begin pushing services into more affordable outpatient settings, traditional medical office buildings housing only physician office suites will become obsolete. Pavilion A, unlike a traditional MOB, houses 68,000 RSF of consolidated hospital outpatient services including pathology, dialysis, infusion center, occupational & physical therapy, testing services, cardiac rehab, complex cardiac & OB testing, and diabetes & wound care education.

    Pavilion A not only connects to the hospital on three levels but also to a second medical office building via a shared lobby, which acts as the main outpatient portal for the campus. Hospital outpatient services are housed on the first two levels of Pavilion A with physician office suites on the four floors above.

    Unlike most traditional medical office buildings, Pavilion A’s design, amenities and technology emphasize high-level service and convenience for patients. The lobby features a Walgreens pharmacy, full-service eye care center, café, self-registration kiosks and hospital ambassadors to help patients with wayfinding, transportation and door-to-door service. Pavilion A patients can also take advantage of campus amenities such as valet parking, campus shuttle, outdoor serenity garden and cafeteria.

    Silver Cross Hospital has installed eight self-service check-in kiosks on the first floor of Pavilion A as part of its hospitality approach to healthcare. After checking in, patients receive a restaurant-style pager, which gives them the freedom to move about the campus rather than being confined to a waiting area. The kiosks and pagers are viewed by patients and staff as critical to reducing wait times and creating a better “guest” experience.

    The Walgreens Pharmacy in the lobby of Pavilion A is open Monday through Saturday for patients and staff.

    The hospital’s cafeteria, which Pavilion A patients utilize, features restaurant-style seating and food selections such as a brick-oven pizza and pasta station, charbroiled grill with made to order breakfast entrees and sandwiches, and chef display station featuring stir fry and specialty sandwiches. The cafeteria also provides personalized inpatient meal service that will transition to a room-service model in the future.

    Pavilion A (left) and the hospital (right) share a serenity garden with outdoor seating for patients, visitors, and staff. The campus also includes walking trails and various water features.

    Silver Cross Hospital’s Outpatient Testing and Diagnosis department, which is located on the first floor of Pavilion A, provides a centralized location for all laboratory and imaging services.

    The Silver Cross Outpatient Infusion Center, which is located on the fifth floor of Pavilion A, provides treatment to patients who require frequent infusions of medications, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, patients with blood disorders, and patients requiring intravenous antibiotics. The infusion center was designed with patients and their families in mind, with treatment bays located along the perimeter of the space next to large windows.

    University of Chicago Medicine gynecologic oncologists provide outpatient consultations in Pavilion A, just a short walk from the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center at Silver Cross.

    NexCore worked closely with physician tenants in Pavilion A to design comfortable, non-clinical waiting areas. Warm color palettes, plush furniture, prominent artwork, and live plants were chosen to create a welcoming environment for patients.

    Pavilion A, like the hospital, was designed to maximize natural light, as seen in this physician office exam room.

    Timeshare suites are another feature of modern medical office buildings. NexCore manages two timeshare suites in Pavilion A that are proving to be a powerful physician recruitment tool. These suites give physicians an opportunity to test the market on a part-time basis before signing a full-time lease in the building, as well as the opportunity to capture new patients in a new market.

    The hospital’s new 2,450 SF data center, which is 50% bigger than its previous one, is housed on the lower level of Pavilion A. The state-of-the-art data center allows the hospital to offer the latest in technology and applications, including electronic medical records. The data center has allowed Silver Cross to become one of the first hospitals to install patient tracking software so families know where a patient is at all times.