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    Blue Exorcist Rin Meme

    Marshall Lee♥

    To that last comment... Same till i remember so it goes from laughing to sobbing. hahaha ha ha... *sobs*


    lol Anime guys,:P

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    "Kito?" "Daddy" -Yui

    I love it when people make Death Note funny...'cause that show is so not funny - creepy, yes; funny, no.

    I know, it might not be the funniest joke ever but hey, who doesn't like death note?

    *BANG* "If I were Kira, you'd be dead." My favorite moment in this whole anime.

    Death Note -- how to use. I'm on book 8 of this manga -- highly recommended!

    L dressed like Ryuk... Yeah like it's so much moe in one picture the world might explode...

    Watched this again couple of days ago,several years after it was first aired, can't believe my mom also got hooked to this but can't blame her the story line was darn good!

    Attack on Titan

    Ciel Sebastian

    Black Butler

    Allen Walker | D.Gray-man #manga

    Chibi Kirito - Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online ~

    Just watched the last episode of black butler season three >.< !!!!!!! Whyyyyyy??? Why does it end at ep 10!?!?!? Thats NOT a good ending!!!! They better make more eps for Black Butler thats all I have to say -.- Anyone else agree? Follow Book of circus on facebook for links to watch season three & comment your thoughts & your intakes on whatchu thought about season three!!!

    Sword art online, Kirito and Pina

    Sword art online