Paperbag floors

A beautiful floor made with paper bags -- and it's cheap! We are going to do this in our front room! The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide

brown paper floors

Brown Paper + Walnut Stain = Mocha Love er stairs walnut stain In order to make the risers clean, smooth, and white, I had Mike cut out pieces of hardboard (near the pegboard at HD or Lowes, comes in sheets).

Floor treatments using brown packaging paper. It looks like leather! This is a cheap, and easy project that can transform any floor surface to something unique and beautiful!
Would be beautiful on walls too!

diy paper bag floor I have this on my living room walls.never thought about doing it on the floor!

Brown Paper counter tops-- and I've seen this technique used on FLOORS, too!! I think the secret is using several coats of poly to keep it durable.  I could 'almost' be talked into trying this either place, most likely in the guest bath as it won't get too much use.  Hmmm...

Brown Paper counter tops, 4 sale by owner, Mountain Home, Ar, Ozark

Brown Bag Counter Tops! | Keep it simple.

Brown Bag Counter Tops!

Compulsive in Texas: Brown Paper Bag Counter Top----watered down elmers glue, ripped up paper, covered in stain, then poly on top to protect it

Paper Bag Floor

Paper Bag Floor This is so cool. Would love to do this in my basement or, at least, my sons room in the floor design design design design ideas interior

The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide..This was done over a plywood floor. Lots of pics and instructions.  She says to get some flooring like you would be covering and do a test first!

The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide My brown paper floors are by far my most viewed content, at the top of the list for FAQs, and seen.

Extremely detailed tutorial on laying a paper bag floor

Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial

Paper Bag Floors Tutorial As a newbie do-it-yourself fan, I love looking at projects that are different and interesting. This paper bag floor idea definitely caught my eye.

pattern in bag floor

Paper bag floors w stencil for using different colored stains.

DIY Concrete Floors — Easy & Inexpensive!   |   Design Mom

Photos and text by Gabrielle. I’m pleased as punch to tell you about the concrete floor experiment that we tried in the reading loft of The Treehouse. I love how it turned out! The texture is wonderful. The floor looks layered and feels like it.