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Egg shaped rock containing the burial house of a haida shaman in Northern British Columbia, Canada

The 14 Absolute Creepiest Places To Visit In The United States

For anyone whose interests tend toward the morbid.

Thought zombies were just voodoo fiction? You're in for a nasty shock

The real thing: But according to tales coming out of Haiti, residents of a remote village saw proof of their ancient belief that the earth is stalked by what we know as zombies, when local woman Felicia Felix-Mentor (pictured, in her 'zombie' state) apparently rose from the dead

Church Ghost. St. Peter's altar in Rome. The shoes of the ghost that is captured appears to be out of the 18th century.

A black and white painting which I glance at often as I sit a my desk. Its the other me :) looking out to sea.....searching.