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Regina and her husband took this picture at a Salem cemetery. If you look to the left, you can see a man and woman standing.


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Two women photograph mysterious figure while taking modeling pictures

This 1922 photo is said to show a ghost wedding. The woman is supposedly a nǚ guǐ (女鬼), or ghost woman: a woman who died unmarried has no family and can't become an ancestor, so she returns and haunts. There's a simple solution to the nǚ guǐ hauntings, though: find a man and pay him to marry her. These "profound weddings" (冥婚) are an important function of the Dàoshi, and a kinder form of exorcism.

Reconstructed face of a powerful Viking era woman named Estrid based on the findings in her grave. The social structure during the days of the Vikings were much more family based than today's society. The women were fairly equal to the men and travelled and traded together with them.

Ghostly orbs Patarei Prison Unexplained ghostly orbs in cell Patarei Prison the light in the middle seems to have faces in it , tallinn , estonia This imposing, seaside complex in the Kalamaja district is now one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of Soviet-era prison life in all its dreariness. Originally opened as a sea fortress in 1840, it housed inmates from 1919 until 2004, and has been left virtually untouched since. Visitors can explore the hallways to see cells.

Orbs di Boko::These orbs all seem to be attracted to this one woman in the picture. Either that, or they are waiting in line for the Toilet! lol.

The spiritualist movement was deeply committed to a christian view of the afterlife.An extra stands behind a man and hands him a cross. Since the man looks down at the cross and subjects in spirit photographs most often seem unaware of the extras around them it seems likely that he is a medium with the ability to see the extras.

Dad pretended that Mother was alive for a full month after her death. They are pictured here on day two.

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Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato

The mummies, because they were formed naturally, are much more gruesome looking then your standard Egyptian mummy. With gaunt and twisted faces like extras from a horror movie, and often covered in the tattered rags they were buried in, the mummies stand, lean and recline in glass cases throughout the museum. Perhaps the most shocking to visitors are the shrunken children mummies, and one in particular claimed to be "the world's smallest mummy" is no bigger then a loaf of bread.