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  • Isabella Starchman

    Add something blue to your wedding outfit with a tiny Tardis. I think for my wedding I want a TINY bit of doctor who. Just enough that I know but hardly anyone else does.:)

  • Jennifer Jones

    tardis on your wedding heels.... good idea that isn't too obvious.

  • Julia Pullin

    My wedding shoes - some thing old, something new, something borrowed and something blue - the TARDIS!

  • Lp

    Add something blue to your wedding outfit with a tiny Tardis. Hahah, i like the idea but i prefer if its in somewhere else, i mean, its the TARDIS

  • Becca VanderWall

    Something blue shoes

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I like this picture for vague and undefined reasons. Maybe it's because I own that mug and a plurality of those books. Can you even use "plurality" in this situation? Whatever. I just did. Anyway. I like it.

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Why is the TARDIS blue? *tear*

Cut the lace at the sweet heart line and make it strapless, add a sparkle belt instead of blue sash

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. I totally want a tardis on my wedding day

I love this shot. It's such a different angle of the TARDIS.

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