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11 Shocking Ingredients in Foods You Eat Everyday

8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries

BEST DESSERT EVER!!! so i basically replaced the ricecrispys with more fruitloops and i know it says vanilla is optional but its not! haha 8 tbsps butter stick) 16 ozs marshmallows to 9 cups) 5 cups rice krispies 5 cups fruit loops (cereal) 1 tsp vanilla

These "Healthy" Foods Have Way More Sugar Than You Thought

These "Healthy" Foods Have Way More Sugar Than You Thought | Think you're eating…

5 Reasons To Avoid Store-Bought Salad Dressings

Nanoparticles, mercury-laced corn syrup and an ingredient dubbed "the taste that kills" - are these things really on store shelves? #health #wellness #food #saladdressing #toxic #ingredients #GMOs #MSG

Approved in America; Banned in Other Countries: 11 Foods You Need to Know About

How Food Companies Exploit Americans

Reviewing the ingredients in Pringles really got me worked up….ever wonder why you can’t stop eating chips after having just one? MSG is the culprit – and in the U.S. version of Pringles, it’s added twice! Once in its known name and again in a hidden source, called “yeast extract.” This begs the question “Why are Americans so addicted to processed food?!” The food industry has designed it that way on purpose to line their pockets with profits, at the expense of our health.