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The Crow

Incredible Crow by igreeny Graphics — with Chad Olson, Justin Kramer, Stephane Bellefeuille, Erick Roney Leguia, Manuel Medrano and Aimee Williams. - seen via Inked Dolls

Inquisitiveness by Key Gross :: Black & White Magazine

Ominous and Beauty-Full! by @PCraucamp

Scare crow on

As he made his next step a twig snapped. A cascade of birds rose from their nesting place into the darkening sky. He knew he didn't have much time left.

~Now you know!~

they have an excellent memory and can be vindictive…they have been known to pester the same people for things like food and lunch money…if they don’t comply well… they’ve also been known to physically attack human enemies and literally repeatedly try.


Optical Illusion

A Craig Kosak painting of a raven totem animal perched on a stack of stones

Ravens are the portents of great change, often bad news. ( putting it nicely) but i just think theyre beautiful, glossy, black, clever and most of all majestic.

Norway-based photographer and graphic designer Andreas Lie created an amazing series of double exposure animal portraits.

“The Animal Kingdom” by Andreas Lie

Black and White Wall Art - Crow (black & white version) by Andreas Lie

15 Epic Crow Tattoos And Their Meanings

"Crow tattoos surely look badass, but what are the mythological stories behind…