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Resin ring tutorial

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Beth | Ray Domnic


Many Trips Around The World.

Woman in a Purple Coat - Henri Matisse (1937). Matisse depicts his model and companion of many years, Lydia Delectorskaya, in an exotic Moroccan costume, surrounded by a complex of abstract design and exotic color. This is an example of one of the final groups of oil paintings in Matisse's career.

Judy Drew "Love of a Child" This is how I feel when I hold on tight to my babies and contemplate not seeing them for a long time


Red Riding Hood - Bansky

Amanda Krantz Bromeliads I

Hand painted fabric art quilt - Tulips

Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Drawing blue bird

Loui Jover » polonaise

La Chaise Fleurie ~ Ludmila Curilova

Saul Leiter

Sonia Delaunay ~ Petite automne, 1938

Saatchi Online Artist Karin Johannesson; Painting, "Untitled" #art

Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova; Oil, Painting "Morning toilet"

Dreya Novak; Watercolor, 2013, Painting "Rooster"

Saatchi Online Artist: Lucy Newton; Mixed Media "woodpecker" love the bark

Saatchi Online Artist Helena Wierzbicki; Painting, ""Near to the heart"" #art

He Jiaying, Contemporary Chinese artist

By Salvador Dali

Saatchi Online Artist Lily Greenwood; Mixed Media, "Butterflies on Blue" #art