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C'est Nous (It's Us)

C'est Nous (It's Us) - Love Screen Print in French (gold & black)

Rainbow Map of the Brain by M. D. Van Wedeen reveals an orderly lattice of nerve fibers that intersect at roughly right angles, much simpler than had been suspected. via Greg Miller, ScienceNOW. Here is a story from All Things Considered, NPR

View into a hyperbolic dodecahedral lattice. WMAP data suggest the universe is finite in some fashion, says Weeks, because fluctuations in the microwave background offer a rough indication of the size of the universe. Just like waves in a bathtub are puny

C'est Tout (It's Everything)

C'est Tout (It's Everything) - Love Screen Print in French (black & gold)

riverofbones: vintage & models ❂ (m.k.)

Everyone is fighting their own battles. So always remember if you'rehaving a bad day it is never ok to take it out on someone else or put them down for thier mistakes. We as humans should all help build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

French Romantic

I Love Thee With The Depth and Breadth and Height My Soul Can Reach, 8x10 print (Eiffel Tower Black) BUY 3 GET 1 FREE