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Doll Trousseau'S

Lady Dolls

Antique French Fashion Doll

Antique Doll

Accessories Antique

Doll Accessories

Huret Fashion

Doll'S Accessory

Doll Necessities

Accessories for a fashion doll


Antique Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls Mixed

1830S English

Circa 1830S

1790 1940

Boxed Paper

Doll La

Dolls 1790

1830 1837

Superb 1830's English Boxed Paper Doll "La Poupee Modele" by Ackermann.


Antique Child

Antique Doll S

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Vintage Dolls

Dolly Dear

Hello Dolly

Doll Box

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Trousseau Doll

6" German bisque socket-head doll by Armand Marseille, marked AM dep Germany 390, with five-piece papier-mâché flapper-style body, painted shoes and socks, in original presentation box labeled "Trousseau." Doll wears her original lingerie and is presented with additional original costumes and accessories. Circa 1915.


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Dolls Antique

Antique Bebes

Theriault'S Antique

Bisque Miniature

Miniature Dolls

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Mini Dolls

Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions. German All-Bisque Miniature Doll in Presentation Box with Trousseau circa 1890


13 Miniature

Mini Dolls

Wooden Box

Antique Doll

Etrennes Catalog

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Popular Presentation

Doll Presentation

Seamstress Sets

Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions - French Child's Milliner's Box "La Mode" for Creating Doll Bonnets 19" x 13" box. A wooden box with decorative Art Nouveau style paper covers along with engraving of beautiful woman on the cover and the name "La Mode" hinges open to well-fitted interior with supplies and materials for decorating the 13 miniature doll bonnets that are also included. Was a popular presentation box in Paris Etrennes catalog at the end of the 19th century. Circa 1900.


Antique Size

Box Antique

Antique Modern Doll

French Antique

Cases Antique

French Presentation

Dolls Presentation

Presentation Boxes Trunks

Exquisite Presentation

Exquisite French presentation box with antique size 1 doll


Armoire Miniature

Dollhouse Armoire

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Miniature Design

doll presentation


Dollhouses Furniture

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Little Girl Rooms

Girls Room

Dollhouse Rooms

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Turned Dollhouse

Dollhouse Creations


eBayfrom eBay

Antique Leather Doll Gloves Accessory For German or French Bebe doll

Gloves Antique

Clothes Antique

Antique Shoes

Antique Leather

Antique Lady

Dolls Antique

Vintage Doll

Doll Gloves

Lace Gloves

antique doll gloves | ... Antique Leather Doll Gloves Accessory For German or French Bebe doll


Miniature Cradle

Dollhouse Cradle

Craft Dollhouse

Dollhouse Furniture

Miniature Dollhouse

Cradle 04

Doll Cradle

Mini Cradle

Beautiful Paperdoll

beautiful doll cradle


Doll Trousseau S

Whith Trousseau

Petite Trousseau

Dollies Mignonettes

Vintage Dollies

Dolls Vintage

Wardrobe Presentation

Presentation Display

Mignonette Whith

Used to design antique doll clothes and accessories antique french doll with trousseau - 8"


Mignonette Antique

French Mignonette

Mignonette Dolls

Tiny Bisque

Bisque Dolls

Doll Boxes

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Silk Presentation

Tiny Dolls

View Catalog Item - Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions


Antique Dolls Trousseaux

Antique Modern Doll

Antique Bebes

Theriault'S Antique

Sewing Vintage

Vintage Linen

York Vintage

Walnut Sewing

Doll S Sewing

Doll's Walnut Sewing Cupboard with Sewing Machine; French, circa 1890.


Child'S Sewing

Sewing Child S

Sewing Items

Mini Sewing

Sewing Cards

Sewing Notions

Sewing Room

Sewing Shop

Singer Sewing

Child's sewing set with bisque doll.

German Bisque Doll

German Dolls

Darling Presentation

Presentation Boxes

10 German

German Baby

Marseille 1856

Armand Marseille

1925 10

antique baby doll in presentation box


Miniatures Boxed

Miniatures And Dolls

Dollshouse Room Box Miniatures

Set Circa

Abt 1885

Seamstress Set

Seamstress Awesome

Miniature Seamstress

1885 Image

French toy boxed seamstress set, circa 1885


Crafts Glasses

Dolls And Their Things

Doll Things

Tiny Things

Dolls Tutorials

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Crochet Tutorials

Prim Craft

how to make doll glasses tutorial


Auctions 19Th

Doll Auctions

French Fashion Dolls

French Dolls

Auctions Realized

Kids Antiquetoys

Doll Minatures

Doll'S Accessory

Dolls Trunk

Theriault's - 19th Centure Miniature Doll Jewelry, c 1870/1890


Original Presentation

Doll Presentation

Perfect Presentation

Charming German

8 Charming

8 Doll

Dolls Dolls

10 Case

Doll Boxes

Theriault's - 10" Case, with 8" Charming German Bisque Child in Original Presentation Case with Costumes

Mignonnette Dolls

Dolls Etc

Tiny Dolls

Dolls Bears

Bisque Mignonette

Antique Mignonette

Antique Dolls All

Victorian Dolls

Dolls Vintage

Theriault's - 4.5" French Presentation Box with All-Bisque Mignonette and Toiletries, c 1890


Diy Doll Wardrobe

Diy Barbie Closet

Diy Barbie Clothes Storage

Gold Wardrobe

Case Wardrobe

Diy Ag Doll Clothes

Basics Wardrobe

Trunk Wardrobe

Doll Storage

Diy doll case