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  • Joei Rust

    Roll-a-Story FREE Writing Activity from MsJordanReads on (2 pages) - Students will have fun creating story starters with this FREE mix & match Roll-a-Dice writing activity!

  • Kourtney Freese

    Classroom Freebies Too: {FREE} Roll-a-Story Writing Activity for Beginning Writers!

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FREE This is a fun little song I sing with my students before they go off to do their independent writing each day. (Tune: Frosty the Snowman)

I use this at my writing station for Daily 5. The kids love it! Roll a Story great for teaching how to make interesting elements in a story. Love this for those kids who are stuck on what to write about!

FREE- Need a fun way to get your students writing creatively this Thanksgiving season? Look no further!

Roll-a-Story: great for storytelling (verbal or written)! Helps creativity and build vocabulary! Freebie

Roll-a-story! Students roll a character and a setting and write a narrative. Great for a writing center!

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