girl scout badges

Girl Scout Badges

The Girl Scout Promise - loved being a Girl Scout!

Junior Girl Scout Handbook

Girl Scout Brownie beanie

Valentine's Day in grade school ...tear apart valentines! Animals and little boys and girls with cute one-line sayings. Always included one for the teacher, too.

Girl Scout badges slash...

Brownies back when they still made you wear an actual uniform.

I can still remember making these...

Girl Scouts

Original Sweetarts.....


Bozo The Clown....

girl talk...who remembers the "zit" stickers??? lol

Girl Scout Promise

BEEPERS PLUS! You had beeper codes perfected.

Easy-Bake Oven

1969 TV Guide Ad Bewitched Flying Nun That Girl ABC TV Thursday Night Promo Ad- all my favorites!

super balls!

Worlds to Explore - Handbook for Brownies and Jr Girl Scouts.