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Doll | | 1900- This doll is bald but he doll in the photograph of Lenore as little girl should have hair like lenore's!

Doll | Pierotti | V&A Search the Collections

Beautiful..old, old dolls. (fiction) Aubrie finds in attic at Grace Bed & Breakfast in Stillwater Springs. Belonged to her grandmother, Amelia Grace Camden Barwick. X

my sister had this doll and for some reason I pushed its face in. well it was never the same after that!

Someone posted these like they were art but to me they're just horrifying. Like they would come to life at night and scoop your eyeballs out with tiny shovels and burrow into your brain...

Vintage Dolls . . . love these little dolls . . . for vignettes or just on a little shelf . . . so sweet

This photo of the doll represents how clothing contributes to gender. Dolls never have genatalia and their gender is known by how they are dressed and appear.

Antique Dolls--I've watched too many scary movies for these not to scare the crap out of me.

antique doll; I have one of my mom's little dolls, so much like this one, and I treasure it.

I love the brightness of these two cute little dolls. I only can see a little bit of their faces, but they look nice as far as I can tell.

Spring Dance assemblage art spool doll by Shari Replogle

Rare Industrial Cage Half Doll w/Tiara 1920s- could the "cage" be a lamp shade frame?