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cute idea for a party. turkish delight

Colorful pistachio Turkish Delight at the Spice Market, Istanbul, Turkey, via Flickr.

Sweet Paul's Kick Butt Olives - Spicy and perfect!

Turkish Breakfast- By far the best country for food I've been to- but they're missing the eggs/turkish sausage

Pisi - Turkish Traditional Fried Bread with Feta cheese filling or whatever we like

"gozleme" So what is a Gozleme? It’s a pizza like dough rolled really thinly then filled traditionally with spinach and feta cheese or spicy minced meat. Turkish food

Sourdough Simits - a Turkish sesame bread, now with sourdough influence!

Have been addicted since my first visit to Istanbul as a teen is always my first "must have" every time I return to this beautiful country!

Turkish Pita Bread. Use this chart for measurement conversions: