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My daughter and I absolutely hate when this happens. Thank goodness we have the dog and my husband to rescue us.

Tee shirts, baseball shirts, athletic shirts, tank tops, hoodies and sweaters that you can either design with your own art or use theirs to make your own! They also have very cool pre-designed apparel with funny slogans, sayings, quotes and pictures ranging from pop culture to sports to political art.

Everyone is either pregnant or posting pictures of their baby. I'm over here like: look at all this money I have, all the trips I can take, and how happy I am. Oh, and my dog is awesome!

and not "fun" socks with cute critters or fun food on them. Just your basic white athletic socks. With a damned hole in the toe.

This happens when I'm alone or after a REALLY scary movie.. I know I'm still a child (or worse) and a chicken too..

I have a new "If You Had 2 Wishes" (My first is that people who don't wash their hands have their photo e-mailed to everyone they know and work with) it's that when a Politician tells a lie his or her pants catch fire.

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