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    • Lane Beth

      Everybody has one, that disgusting cookie sheet that will not come clean UGH! Guess what? I know how to clean a baking sheet!

    • Sherrein MaCoy

      Use Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean grease off pans. I tried it and it definitely works!!

    • star gilbert

      DIY How to Clean a Baking Sheet Actually you can try two methods, personally I like the baking soda method but both work well. Method #1 Put about ¼ cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt...

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    On Sept. 10, a US federal appeals court came down hard against the Environmental Protection Agency for approving the use of a pesticide called sulfoxaflur without reviewing enough evidence to know whether or not it is harmful to bees. It was the first time that the US government has banned use of the insecticide nationwide over concern for its longterm effects on honey bees, and challenged the EPA to produce more field studies on its safety. The ban is considered a big win for the beekeeping ind

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    This is brilliant. The pre-fab Groundfridge will store as much as 20 refrigerators underground without using electricity.

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    Millions of sharks around the world are killed each year for shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy. The sharks are caught, the fins cut off, and the defenseless animals are dumped back into the sea where they drown--unable to swim. Petitions are circulating around the world to ban the sale of shark fin soup, but Chinese consumers aren't jumping on the bandwagon. In San Francisco, they are fighting a proposed ban as "discrimination." Spain exports more #shark fins to China than any other country.

    Create a water well in India with your pocket change Bring together your friends and family to make a huge difference. Your funds will build a brand new well to give 400 people clean drinking water.

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    Instead of Using Pesticides, Farmers Can Plant More Flowers | the major finding of a study published last week in the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems, and the Environment. Researchers from the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Berkeley looked at how planting hedgerows of native California plants alongside farmland in Yolo County increased the population of predatory insects that eat crop pests such as aphids.

    Feeding People, Creating Jobs with Would-be Waste in Philadelphia - Food waste is a problem around the world. Globally one-third of all the food produced gets discarded, a mounting problem for both water use, landfills and climate change.

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    August 22nd is National Honey Bee Day - From apples to almonds, they are responsible for approximately 80 percent of all pollination worldwide, and without their contributions, our food system would look (and taste) quite different. Unfortunately, since 2006 beekeepers have noted colony losses of 30 to 90 percent each year. Researchers have named the phenomenon “bee colony collapse disorder,” or CCD, and point to the widespread use of pesticides, habitat loss and disease as possible factors.

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    Roundup is an endocrine disruptor and is toxic to human cells in vitro (tested in culture dishes in the laboratory) at levels permitted in drinking water in Australia, a new study has found.

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    Phoenix Zoo Water Tubs to save water during rainy season

    The machine turning poop into clean water could improve the lives of many in poor countries:

    2015 Sunset Magazine Idea House A superb makeover has turned a 1954 single-level ranch home into an energy-efficient, modern mid-century home. Located in Denver’s Hilltop community, the handsome renovation was the collaborative result between Sunset Magazine—which selected the site for its 2015 Idea House—Denver-based Jonas DiCaprio of Design Platform, and Megan Hudacky of Cky Designs. The stunning updated house opened last Friday for tours and is on the market, unfurnished, for $1,995,000.

    New Law France - supermarkets banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food - must donate to charity or for animal feed