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Teach Your Horse to Soften to the Bit- great article & advice on softening, I'll have to give this a try. SF

Clinton Anderson Training Tip of the Week: Be realistic of an older horse’s capabilities | Downunder Horsemanship

Training Tip: Safely Introduce Your Horse To Trail Riding: Common Mistakes To Avoid The more you pull back on two reins and say, "Don't worry, Precious," the more worried your horse is going to get because he feels trapped and claustrophobic. Put him on a loose rein and get his feet moving. Give him a job to do.

Riding Exercise #7: Touch & Rub Exercise Goal: To be able to bend the horse’s head and disengage his hindquarters 360 degrees when you apply very light pressure to his flank area with your thumb. The horse should not pull against the rein while he is moving his feet. More about the exercise:

airycandothat: keepcalmandride-on: Dutch Horse Photography  When jumping foals isn’t a bad thing :)