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Corrie White, the person behind the website Liquid Drop Art (, captures the beauty of water droplets through her photographs. Her photos have been featured on Thursday, February 9, 2012 on the front page of Yahoo. According to her official website, the photos were done manually with the use of a medicine dropper and a good sense of timing.

"life is like a dew drop on a blade of grass"seen in the morning. When the sun shines the dew drop disappears. Buddha. True,,,,,,,,Let us be encouraged to contemplate in the impermanence of life.

Happy Nature Photography Day! Check out these wildflower photo tips by Michael D-L Jordan.

Formación de una gota esferoidal en la superficie del agua líquida, la forma esférica minimiza la superficie, que es el resultado natural de la tensión superficial de los líquidos.

Pretty Flower - Great Macro Photo ! REALLY want a camera that will allow me to do this type of photography