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Horus and Thoth purifying a priest | Third Intermediate Period Copper alloy Traditionally, purification scenes are linked to actual coronation rites. Thus, this small group could be considered an example of transposition of these representations to the universe of individuals. The Horus falcon-headed god (left) and Thoth ibis-headed god (right) pour water on the head of a kneeling priest to purify. E 17395 Musée du Louvre Paris département des Antiquités Egypt.

Bat Amulet of Hapiankhtifi Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12 Date: ca. 1981–1802 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Middle Egypt, Meir (Mir), Tomb of Hapiankhtifi, Mummy, Khashaba Medium: Wood, gold leaf

Two cats surmounting a box for an animal mummy, 664–30 B.C. Egyptian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Darius Ogden Mills, 1904 (04.2.601) #cats

The cat first appears in painting and relief at the end of the Old Kingdom, and this cosmetic jar is the earliest-known three-dimensional representation of the animal in Egyptian art. | Cosmetic Vessel in the Shape of a Cat. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, early, ca. 1990–1900 B.C. Egypt. Purchase, Lila Acheson Wallace Gift, 1990. Egyptian Egyptian alabaster (calcite) with inlaid eyes of rock crystal and copper.

Cat on a handle Period: Late Period–Ptolemaic Period Date: 664–30 B.C. Geography: From Egypt Medium: Copper alloy Dimensions: 7.9 cm (3 1/8 in.) Credit Line: Gift of Darius Ogden Mills, 1904 Accession Number: 04.2.602MMA