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HOW TO TEACH YOUR KIDS RESPECT - thanks to Jen from JENerally Informed via a guest post at

A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen's Momma: It's Not YOUR Kid, It's Mine! A guest post by Thriller Mom

We Forgot the Tooth Fairy

Parenting fail: Forgetting to make the tooth swap for money for the tooth fairy. This post shows how to talk yourself out of it and still create magic for your child when you mess up.

I am THAT Mom With Screaming Kids in the Grocery Store

I am THAT Mom with the screaming kids in the grocery store, and I'm writing this to share you what you might now know about

10 Secrets to Raising Happy Kids

10 Secrets to Raising Happy Kids - cute ideas that we could all be doing a little better. Must-read for the young momma I love these kind of blogs really reminds you motherhood is fun and amazing

He’s a Dad, Not SuperMan

My husband can't go anywhere without being called "SuperDad" and it drives him crazy. A dad simply parenting his children doesn't make him SuperDad.

Don't Let Your Kids Play Crossy Road Before Reading This

What moms WON'T miss when the kids go back to school