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Tie-pography How clever is this? Using ties to form letters shows the conceptuality of the designer.

O autor entrelaça acontecimentos e tendências aparentemente díspares em um rico retrato, nuances de como a vida no eterno presente afetou nossa biologia, comportamento, política e cultura.

Exhibition flyer for ROID / MORE THAN EVER, designed by (I think?) MIKE BARTZ at Topsafe

Eye no. 82 vol. 21 Neon installation using examples of the Marian typeface family from ‘Thieves Like Us’, a pop-up exhibition by Commercial Type in collaboration with Dino Sanchez, New York, 2011. See Reputations interview in Eye 82. Photograph by Paul Rivera. Cover design by art editor Jay Prynne. Art director: Simon Esterson. Editor: John L. Walters.