yardage chart. Helpful information! :-)

measuring tape chart - for the math challenged person trying to sew, excellent idea.

Good to know

I’m always looking for simple ways to create – this includes the times when I’m at my sewing table, too! There are many fabulous, talented seamstresses who share their skills with us and I wanted to share some of my favorite sewing graphics out there. Print them out and put them in your sewing space …

Quilting Chart

zip installation shortcut good to know! mind blown! its gonna be so much easier to put in a zipper now

It's never too late to learn the right way to do things: button sewing technique. Wow. Been doing this wrong for years.

// I really should expand my hand sewing knowledge while I am machineless - Easy hand sewing stitches

Quilt size and yardage chart

This is so much easier than I thought! Just a few easy steps to mixing patterns. It's going to help so much when it comes to adding interest to my home decor. | How to Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Yardage Chart for Everything

beginner sewing tutorials

Best fabric for flatbacks chart

Handy yardage charts show you how much fabric you need to make bedding, curtains, etc.

Skirt Length Measurement chart

needles de-mystified....awesome!

How to take thorough measurements for sewing. There's even a printable measurement chart.

This handy metric conversion guide will help you to convert fabric measurements, seam allowances and more.


Pillowcase Romper PDF Sewing Pattern NB-10 girls with options

Chair Upholstery Yardage