The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fun snack

Hungry Caterpillar Snacks

Kids food art~ Strawberry fish with blueberry bubbles and raspberry water.

Fun food: fruit panda and bamboo from green apples and blueberries

Caterpillar eggs!

monoprixturtles by kirstenreese, via Flickr

cute snack


Kids food art...Adorable! @Connie Hamon Brzowski Hamon Brzowski Hamon Brzowski E Jennings Kid #food #foodart #organichealthyfood #inspiration

Funny healthy food


Owl Snack


Fruit Lizard Snack

Watermelon Train Snack - with banana and blueberry wheels

fun food

Peacock made from fruit - Healthy Kid Snack Idea

Fun food

rainbow fruit

DIY Tangerine Snail