Ticket out the door is to "Tweet" or comment about topic.. This is an effective use of social networks AND exit slip!


A New Spin on Exit Tickets in the Classroom

Such a sweet idea for teachers to do in their class! Classroom B-day idea... or just a great community builder mid-year. This is seriously one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen. If there is no smartboard in your room maybe you could do it with large bulletin board paper. Then they could keep the kind words.

Exit tweets

"I Cans" instead of exit slips

Love this idea! (I often see similar activities for math, but this is the first time I've seen this activity used within a literacy lesson.)

Perhaps assign groups of students to make one for different artists, and every week or so put up a new one

Posting Learning Targets

Teacher decor DIY-chalkboard paint letter. On the first day of school have every student write their name on the letter and display it on the door :)

I really like this exit ticket poster idea. Great for formative assessments - organized!

Love this - great front bulletin board idea - or near the cafeteria where all visitors and students can view.

Love this Welcome Sign!

Dawn, this might be a good idea for school......Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!

Do this on the window!

LOVE THESE! Technology exit slips- great for ANY grade!

This is a bulletin board where students can put up anything they are proud of, whether it's a picture, drawing or good grades. I like this because the kids choose what they post!

Use Wordle for class list and then frame to display...

Classroom Task Board

THINK bulletin board for high school students

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How To Do With Google Docs