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Might seem weird but I'm happy my boyfriend broke up with me. He was horrible like most of the guy I know. I mean I only attract crazy because I'm a psychopath. If only I could find a nice sociopath. ~Bryce

"Hey! I-I'm Ash, and I love c-cupcakes, and music. I'm bi, and i'm really shy."

[]Emo boys who look like him[]"Hello I'm Sammy and I'm 17. I'm a werewolf. I'm laid back, funny, and a bit shy. I love going hunting for prey. I'm single and bi. Introduce?

Cold Weather Clothing Vocabulary

Hey I'm ashley. I love getting into to trouble and having hookups *bites my lip and giggles* intro?

22 Style Tips on How to be a Scene Girl

Scene Girl Fashion Tip Nº10: Scene Teen with Green Dyed Hair wearing a Plaid shirt -