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no pictures please poster design / Smarties Bar w.e. event (08 11 2012) © photo by Martin Johansson

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BIRD, a poster from the “Life On Earth" series by Ukrainian graphic designer Yevgeniya Glova.

H E R T Z | Poster | Graphic Design | Contrast of Black and White

2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies as well as the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize award to Madame Marie Curie. Graphic designer and illustrator Simon C. Page produced a series of beautiful posters inspired by chemists and their contributions to humankind—Einstein's atomic theory of matter, John Dalton's law of conservation of mass, Hanns-Peter Boehm's discover of graphene and more.

This is the Focus Poster by Rob Loukotka #graphic #design #abstract

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Ian Cyborg

You know me! I love the warm, blended colors and layers. The style of the numerals nicely contrasts the straight lines and angles throughout. Unusually narrow frame makes for a slightly refreshing format. This abstract graphic design gives the sense of warm lights and wood. Then it gives me the sense of colored plastic or vinyl surfaces with a slight look of rust stained sheet metal. Subtle complexity in this one.

25 Stunning Inspirational Digital Artworks | From up North

Christopher Paul Gulczynski: Graphic Design and Illustration

Excellent use of colors in this poster. The composition as well as the creation is just amazing.#abstract #silhouette #color

Feed my ride [up] poster - Tom Crabtree - Manual c/o Progress Packaging



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Official 2015 Festival Poster