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Jupiter planet - space Photo

A team of astronomers, who have been peering into the skies for many years, announced that they have found 13 planets outside our solar system called exoplanets. This brings the total number of known exoplanets to over

NASA's Juno spacecraft captured this image with its JunoCam citizen science instrument from a mere 5,400 miles above Jupiter's cloudtops.

NASA's Juno spacecraft captured this image with its JunoCam citizen science instrument from a mere miles above Jupiter's cloudtops.

Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

Ganymede is a satellite of Jupiter and is the largest moon in the solar system. It is even bigger than the planet Mercury. The image is an enhanced-color Galileo spacecraft image of Ganymede’…

Jupiter's mysteries: First results from NASA's Juno mission - Jupiter was most likely the first planet to form in the solar system and contains some of the same ingredients of the collapsing nebula that formed the system. Knowing more about Jupiter can provide greater insight about its beginnings

Jupiter's mysteries: I see glitter and embossing powder and perfect pearls.

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Waves of clouds at degrees latitude dominate this three-dimensional Jovian cloudscape, courtesy of NASA’s Juno spacecraft. JunoCam obtained this enhanced-color picture on May at UTC from an altitude of miles kilometers).

I remember an astrophysicist on some show, comparing the storms on Jupiter to the swirls you see happening on the surface of a large soap bubble.  "Jupiter"

thedemon-hauntedworld: “ Jupiter close up credit: NASA ”The Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Actually a storm that's been raging for over 300 years, it's three times the size of the entire Earth.

warrenellis:  Jupiters Europa from Spacecraft Galileo   via NASA...

View of Europa is the Best Yet Europa-The cracked, icy surface of Europa. The smoothness of the surface has led many scientists to conclude that oceans exist beneath it: NASA/JPLredit: NASA

Una proyección cilíndrica de Júpiter, composición de una serie de fotos tomadas por la nave espacial Cassini durante su sobrevuelo del planeta en diciembre del 2000.  crédito:NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

A cylindrical projection of Jupiter stitched together from photos taken by Cassini spacecraft during its December 2000 flyby of the planet courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech