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Design Ignites Change - Projects - TypeONE

Business Flyers Aren’t Dead. Here’s 50 Impactful Examples to Prove It.

Business Flyers Aren't Dead— Here are 50 Impactful Examples to Prove It

Stacey robertson

Check out the FREE project! It's working towards empowering young people all over to end slavery now!

Somaly Mam Foundation - The foundation supports survivor rescue, shelter and rehabilitation programs globally with a special focus on Southeast Asia, where the trafficking of women and girls, some as young as five, is a widespread practice.

SOMALY MAM Foundation Co-founded by sex survivor Somaly Mam, the Foundation works to eradicate sex slavery, liberate its victims, and empower survivors to create and sustain lives of dignity and as agents of next-generation change.

The difference between a journey map and a service blueprint

Everything that happens in our lives is a type of journey. It might be a journey that spans a few minutes, a few years, or an entire lifetime.

TypeOne App Display

TypeOne App Display



Daynimation by Josué Barroso

The Innovation of Loneliness. What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely? Be REAL.

This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person (Video)

What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely? - Script, Design and Animation: Shimi Cohen

There are a lot of these types of biases everywhere, but sometimes if you don't try to pay attention, it just slips away as just being "normal". https://plus.google.com/+warazashi/posts/hWUpEjv5nzY

I know, this isn't exactly feminism related, but I find it really important so I'll just put it up here for you to read it>>I disagree; I think this is entirely feminism related. All the feminism. Intersectionality or null.

Color Meaning and Symbolism: How To Use The Power of Color in Your Branding

Color Meaning and Symbolism: How To Use The Power of Color in Your Branding

Source #1: This particular e-book called, “Adaptive Path’s Guide to Experience Mapping”, covers experiencing mapping thoroughly. But I thought this was a great resource for it.

Adaptive path's guide to experience mapping

IDEO - Human-Centered Design Toolkit: An Open-Source Toolkit To Inspire New Solutions in the Developing World

TEACHERS! Cool website that has games, maps, and learning materials for all subject areas in all grade levels. When you answer questions correctly you donate rice to a particular country. Good for my international school!

FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. FreeRice provides free educational games for children, and for each correct answer, the organization donates 10 grains of free rice to someone in need. charities-we-love