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My wish for everyone today! We have all judged other people and have been judge for things we have/haven't made.. It is time for us to forgive, to grow up, to stop worrying about things that don't really matter and wish the best to others. We all deserve to have a great life. Have a nice day and great weekend!

Because I love hard and with meaning. I have a heart of gold despite what the people who don't know me say. The ones I love and that really know me, know the truth and they love me for me. I don't care if some immature conceited little girls think of me.

Take Me to the Lake

"Take me to the Lake" graphic available as a print, phone case, or mug. // @thymeishoney

Although I don't think you can over love someone, I agree that you can misunderstand love and give too much of yourself to another person. Boundaries are love, when they set a standard for others out of love for their best interest as well as your own. It's what we're susceptible to, because those who were supposed to love us completely abused us in many ways. - Steven Valentine