Taken from their first dance photo

Have everyone take a picture of them doing a funny face and put it into a frame! I absolutely love this idea.

How to make a "honeymoon fund" shadowbox savings frame!

Framed my wedding dress and love seeing it in my closet every day!

Shadow wedding box...maybe make a shrunk copy of the license to be added in the background

Love this photo

Wedding Coaster Save the Date! This is a Great Idea! Evermine.com

slow shutter speed...WOW! What a gorgeous photo!

Better than a guest book, sign the canvas!

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Wedding Photo with first dance lyrics on canvas

low perspective of the first dance... love it

Cute wedding photo!

A must-have photo with your maid of honor and best man!

so sweet

After wedding shot

wedding pictures of parents and grandparents

Stacy Reeves Wedding photography: IDEAS

every woman knows that when the dancing starts the heels come off. a basket of flip flops is a great idea for your lady guests to dance the night away!

Honestly, this (and with a ring, obviously) would be the cutest, simplest way to propose.

I want a photo like this from the balcony, for our first dance.