A Pattern Language of Natural Homes: No.117 Sheltering Roof

This thatched rubble stone cottage was built in 1811 in a little place called Blaise Hamlet near Bristol, England.~Not only do I love the stone, but also the thatched roof and that curved bench, and oh the leaded windows too.

Para pasar la noche al raso con estilo

Mu bonito y mu bien pero la única utilidad que le... - logoside

Funny pictures about Bubble Bed Surrounded by Nature. Oh, and cool pics about Bubble Bed Surrounded by Nature. Also, Bubble Bed Surrounded by Nature photos.

Thatched roof cottage with large diamond bay window...

Thatched cottages postcard

Thatched English cottage, I would love a vacation and to stay in this type of house for a weekend :D.I want this house.

Bohemian Wornest

"Thimble Hall, in Youlgreave or Youlgrave (they can’t decide which) Derbyshire, England, is the smallest detached house in the world. This spacious cottage measures 11 feet by twelve feet and once housed a happy family of eight in the nineteenth century.

All seems quiet around the Manor today

Woodland mansion by Gary Dixon. Fantasy image created from a tree in the Lake District, windows from a circular building in Rome, the door of Duomo, Florence and a refuse bin

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Cote Ouest Via Garden Rooms Yes, it is a Thatched Roof Play House. It is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen. Happy weekend to.

Neeles Traumhaus, da n´bin ich mir ziemlich sicher!

Minnie Mouse's house at Disney. I can still see the look on our daughter's face when we went inside Minnie's house years ago, priceless!

A Little Cottage in Dublin. There is something irresistible about that bright green door.