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Loads of Love (Stampin' Up) Great 3D "friends for the road" flag on the card. Pick-up truck with dogs

Ice Train Play - Winter Fun for Any Season

Discount Owl Give a Hoot Collapsible Haul-It-All Utility Basket #WQL401-LIME - Wholesale Accessory Market

So cute! "Designed for shared giggles and whispered secrets, these soft toys are crafted for friendship’s long haul. Timeless details like textured fabrics, a patched pocket for little treasures, and a beanbag bottom give them a vintage feel."

Best Gifts & Top Toys for 1 year old Boys in 2014 - Christmas & Birthday Ideas for 1-2 year olds

Not really a wardrobe essential but it sure would make those long haul flights more pleasurable for the little ones.