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Bilge Alarm

Would you know if water was filling your bilge BEFORE it got over the floorboards? The sooner you know, the better your chance of saving the boat.

Boat Leaking in the Rain?

When You Find Rain Leaking Into Your Boat: Long term, you need to find it and fix it. But what can you do RIGHT NOW to protect whatever's being dripped on?

Refrigeration: Extra Insulation

Adding extra insulation to your galley refrigerator can dramatically lessen the power needed. Try these simple and inexpensive ideas for improving your boat refrigerator.

Fresh From the Garden . . . on a Boat?

Fresh From the Garden . . . on a Boat? Ever long for fresh salad on the boat? But couldn't keep greens beyond a day or so? Think about growing your own! Read how to do it at

The Boat Maintenance Bible: Refit, Improve and Repair with the Experts (Boating) by Bloomsbury Publishing