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Mozilla makes it a lot easier to sync Firefox bookmarks and passwords

Firefox users keen to keep their browsing data up-to-date across devices will soon have one less headache to worry about. Mozilla, makers of the popular open-...

​Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin has struck a deal with Boeing and Lockheed to build space rockets

Shortly after NASA awarded Boeing $4.2 billion in space taxi funding, the Wall Street Journal claimed the company padded its bid with a partnership with Bezos' Blue Origin. | #space #astronaut #JeffBezos #NASA #Boeing

Google Maps for Android now lets you easily share directions

The feature automatically creates a numbered list of text directions and attaches a link. | #directions #maps #Google #Android #UK

Google announces Android Wear, a Nexus-like platform for wearables

Small, powerful devices, worn on the body. Useful information when you need it most. Intelligent answers to spoken questions. Tools to help reach fitness goals. Your key to a multiscreen world. Before you start building, check out the Android Wear Design…

Dropbox finally has an official app for Windows Phone

You can now tap into your Dropbox account from any Windows device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop. | #Microsoft #Windows #Dropbox #cloud #storage

BigDog four-legged robot adds an arm, throws for the scouts (video)

Boston Dynamics is the leading provider of human simulation software, tools, and solutions. Organizations worldwide use its products and services for simulation-based training, mission-planning, analysis, and virtual prototyping applications.

NVIDIA reveals Gamestream, a game streaming initiative powered by NVIDIA GPUs

NVIDIA announced Gamestream this morning, an initiative aimed at pairing the company's GPUs with streaming gaming via its Shield handheld game console. Compan...

Google's latest search tweak encourages you to watch more YouTube music videos

As clever as Google's search is, finding official YouTube music videos is often harder than it should be, hampering efforts to successfully get your soft rock...