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Masks served several important purposes in Ancient Greek theater: their exaggerated expressions helped define the characters the actors were playing; they allowed actors to play more than one role (or gender); they helped audience members in the distant seats see and, by projecting sound somewhat like a small megaphone, even hear the characters better.

Ancient Greek Amphora - Ancient Greece Art and History Project Sixth/Seventh Grade

História e Arquitetura: Teatro de Epidauro - Grècia

Mask from Japanese Noh Theater

Berlin Mask with Hand Marble, 100-150 AD The marble mask with wide open mouth, holes for the eyes and exaggerated features is the copy of a real theatre mask. The hand and the garments folds on the side show that the mask was held by an actor, a poet or a muse.

A young man of Greater Greece Head of a Kouros 6th cent-5th BCE insular marble Magna Graecia purchased in Rome Museo Baracco,Rome,Italy

288. Atenes. Museu Arqueològic Nacional. Col·lecció de ceràmica.

We either makes oursellvesmiserable or we make ourselves strong.The amount of work is the same. Japanese NOH mask. traditional theatre arts