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    • Jenn Martin

      Circle of Fire quilt machine quilted with atomic orange Isacord thread. Love the Isacord thread, excellent for machine quilting, strong and low/no lint. also a pic of the back and close up on this board. Jenn - Alabama

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    Shirt and Tie block

    Bee quilt top 58x68 Jenn-Alabama Will "bee" for sale once it's quilted. I've got another project ahead of quilting this one.

    #3 OF 3 Up close detail of back of quilt, butterflies. Jenn-Alabama

    #2 OF 3 Back of the purple quarter log cabin quilt. Had to piece it but I like how it turned out. Jenn-Alabama

    SOLD-#1 OF 3 Quilted quarter log cabin squares on point. Using purples and a ruby center. 54x54 Jenn-Alabama.

    QUILT FOR SALE-On Point squares, half of some are scrappy, using Northcott Canyon Ridge fabric remnants I had from my boots and stars quilt. 50X50 Jenn-Alabama

    #2 OF 2 Back of appliquéd flowers Jenn-Alabama

    SOLD!-#1 OF 2 Appliquéd flowers QAYG 50x50 Jenn-Alabama

    1 fish 2 fish 46x54 SOLD! Jenn-Alabama

    AIRPLANES! 46x56 Appliqued, free motion quilted. Made 4. SOLD! Jenn-Alabama

    Setting Blocks On Point- I'm making my first on point quilt and having a time. so, I sat down and drew it out on graph paper.Going 3 down and 3 across you need 13 blocks. 4x4 you need 25 Blocks. 5x5 41 blocks. If your blocks are 8 inches square they are about 10 inches wide on point, so 4x4 would be 40inches by 40 inches, 5x5 rows equal 50x50 inches. I also included how many HSTs to fill in the edges and 4 quarter triangles for each corner. Hope this helps some of you. ;)

    "I make things for people because it gives me time to think about them and pray for them as I do. The joy for me is in the making and the giving... The last thing I would want is for a handmade gift to cause guilt or discomfort. Give it away, keep it in a box, or display it in your home. It's for you to decide." lassothemoon.type... #31days

    QUILT FOR SALE-#2 OF 2 PICS Made the back from the rest of the interlocking stars fabric. I think I like it better than the front. Used a walking foot and a wavy stitch down the center of each square. 56x56 Jenn-Alabama

    QUILT FOR SALE-#1 OF 2 PICS Interlocking Stars made it large instead of one 12 inch block. 56x56 Jenn-Alabama

    Get it right!

    I know I said I'd never make another t-shirt quilt , But... I found all the old cross stitch t-shirts I made and decided to try it again. Y'all don't know the hours spent on the cross stitch alone. I wound up quilting it with the walking foot, straight stitch one inch apart. Used masking tape as guides. Worked great 45x50 Jenn-Alabama

    QUILT FOR SALE-Red yellow orange NYB top 45x45 Freemotion quilted spirals and wiggly lines Jenn-Alabama

    QUILT FOR SALE-Pink scrappy NYB top 46x46 Freemotion quilted spirals and wiggly lines Jenn-Alabama

    handmade does not equal cheap!

    QUILT FOR SALE-Scrappy HST finished end of May 2015 Car seat/ stroller size 32x32 Machine quilted. Jenn-Alabama

    QUILT FOR SALE-Scrappy NYB finished this week June 13, 2015 44x44 Machine quilted Jenn-Alabama

    QUILT FOR SALE-Finished this week June 13, 2015 53x63 Machine quilted Love the fabrics and the pattern. Jenn-Alabama

    Another project(5/29/15) I'm working on NYB using scraps for center piece and one 10 inch batik layer cake for center point and outside edge, all blue greens and greens. Love it so far. Jenn-Alabama

    Back of X quilt, sun/star free motion quilted.

    X marks the spot. QAYG scrappy 2 1/2 x 12 center strip. Quartered 10 in layer cakes on the diagonal into four 7 inch triangles, sew 2 to each strip for 8x8 squares. Finished 5-10-15 Sent to Etta Mitchell Jenn-Alabama