Lego organ barrel plays Star Wars theme

Lego, WOW

Lego Star Wars


C-3PO and R2D2 "Two Halves of a Whole", behind the scenes.

Some amazing Lego creations from this guy. Check out his flickr profile 'rogue bantha'. Time to dig out the Lego box from under the stairs I think...

Room LEGO mosaic <- I need a secret Geek Cave in my house because I need this!!!! :-)

The 40 Best Celebrity t-shirts: Harrison Ford #fashion

10 out the box manieren om Lego te gebruiken in je woning

Loving this happy Lego watch

How totally cool is this car charger!!


City of Legos This is awesome. I loved building a city in the dining room with my brother's Legos.

Star Wars stick family

Bon fire pit or BBQ grill that looks like the Death Star from the Star Wars series.

Lego Sculpture Spider-Man-Anyone who has ever built an over 1,000 piece lego set, like I have, has to appreciate the time it took to make this. Amazing

Star Wars Episode VII - maybe? Seriously though, this is one of the best fan covers I've seen

Star Wars Episode VII by AndrewSS *

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Facts

Lego t-shirt

Dr Seuss Star Wars