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I have a problem It starts with Disney and ends with Pinterest...Megan once made a comment on how there has to be a safer way to bring Anna and Kristoff together, AS AN ENTIRE MOVIE WAS MADE ABOUT ELSA NOT WANTING TO HURT ANNA

Elsa from Frozen dressed up as Mononoke from Studio Ghibli's Mononoke-hime

(credit to charles elliott elliott Tan)

Elsa and her mother (Queen Idun of Arendelle) from "Frozen" - Art by shizu

Elsa Frozen by 2Niniel3 on deviantART

tumblr_n8svu84eZr1s5bxkno2_1280.jpg (600×1200)

Awww! This is so cute! more funny pics on facebook:

love snow winter cute cold happy snowman edits child ice Magic sweet frozen snowflake Princess Anna young anna Frozen Disney PRINCE HANS queen elsa frozen love frozen family frozen olaf Young Elsa frozen sven

*ELSA (The Ice Queen), PRINCESS ANNA & OLAF ~ Frozenb. 2012

What I love most about this scene is that, although it's funny, Anna is seriously defending the decisions she believes to be right.

Love this one!!! Elsa & Anna are so adorable!! (Disney Frozen)